Privacy Policy

Thank you for reading this far. You’re actually our first or second visitor down here, but who’s counting? Ok, we are, but only so we can become a better no-frills, no-cost, no-kidding training group that exists to help you become a better runner, animal lover, eco-person, humanitarian, etc.


As for the mandatory privacy policy that all decent websites must have (and their creators insist upon), protects your privacy as if it were our own. Here’s how:


  • We do not share our runners’ email addresses with anyone outside our running group; and inside our running group
  • We do not distribute our email address list, either. In fact
  • We always “BCC” in our monthly or quarterly blast, when we have something really important to blast.


Our website uses Google Analytics and third-party tracking tools to help us learn how you’re checking us out and how we can become a better website. These tracking tools include the use of “cookies,” which are files stored on your browser. Most browsers allow you to change how you treat these cookies, but that’s for you to decide.


The reality is we are using these cookies to track your activities while you’re visiting our website, so that we can improve our website down the road.


Our website allows you to contact us directly by clicking the email icon at the top, or bottom, of our home page. We’ll answer every question you have about our free training program, like how we got started (great story), why our training is free (you’ll never guess why), and what we hope to accomplish.


Just like you, we can always be better, whether it’s helping runners train for their best races ever (give or take) or writing the best privacy policy we can write. Well, one out of two ain’t bad.